Improve Your Workouts with Sports Massage

For the gym junkie or professional athlete, massage is not a luxury, but an essential piece of the puzzle. It aids in athletic performance, rehabilitation, recovery and may alleviate symptoms of chronic pain. A quality, personally tailored massage program can improve your workouts and help you maintain a grueling regime, or aid in the transition if it has been a while since you've hit the gym.

  We believe you do not have to destroy your body to have the body you want. Our specialised sports massage can:

  • Increases endurance and improve your performance
  • Release soreness from muscles
  • Improves flexibility and prevent injuries
  • Help you heal a sports injury
  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Ease away fatigue and tension

feel true bliss with aromatherapy

 We believe a happy, healthy body stems largely from mental well-being. It is so easy in this world to feel stressed, overworked and   exhausted  - leading to enormous strain on our bodies. Aromatherapy massage is a fantastic introduction to your overall health   and wellness regime. Feeling recharged, taken care of and rejuvenated is a great way to maintain motivation, release muscle   tension and keep on top of your goals. 

Top Fitness Gym: Melbourne's Premier Sports Massage Destination

 We understand playing sports or doing extensive workouts can be quite strenuous. That’s why we help you rebuild your soft   tissues  with our pro-active therapy of sports massage. We cater to clients from:

  • Glen Waverley
  • Mount Waverley 
  • Wheelers Hill
  • Mulgrave
  • Wantirna South
  • And other surrounding suburbs 



Resident Masseuse With 20 Years’ of Experience

Our resident masseuse has over 20 years’ experience in a range of disciplines such as traditional Thai yoga massage, cupping therapy, yoga, meditation, reflexology and more.

For sports massage, potent magnesium oil is utilised in combination with deep tissue massage to effectively penetrate deep into the problem areas. Aromatherapy may also be utilised with native Australian botanical oils to stimulate mental wellbeing, relaxation and recovery.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our expertise is to deliver genuine industry knowledge, in a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels and training styles. We are passionate and truly care about providing a space where everyone can achieve their aspirations in a realistic, timely

What sets us apart is that we are a family operated business that truly cares about its members and takes the time to learn your name, not just your membership number. We hail from active backgrounds of our own, possessing an eclectic mix of European
handball, ballet, wrestling, martial arts and yoga experience – to name a few things.

Don’t take our word for it – read the testimonials from our clients. You can book your sports massage before, during or after your training routine. Call us on 03 9561 6633 to book your appointment.