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Fitness on Demand™ studio now open. A private, sound-proofed studio giving you access to hundreds of virtual classes, for all fitness levels, on demand when YOU want them. 


We have a range of services to offer. From basic gym access to professional sports coaching, and everything in between. We have experience training dancers and Olympic athletes in strength and conditioning, getting people in to shape for figure and bodybuilding competitions, body transformations and training professional martial artists +more! At TopFitness Gym we believe the possibilities are endless, providing a professional, non-intimidating and judgement free zone for ALL body types and fitness levels.  Whether you need training for things like boxing, or for yoga, or simply want to shed a few kilos, our knowledgeable experts can help you accomplish your fitness goals.


PowerBounce - Our very own creation. An innovative and fun work-out that is sure to help you get a strong, fit core and toned legs. 

HIIT - Known as high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. Incorporates intense periods of work with short recovery segments, allowing you to achieve a high-intensity workout with maximum calorie burning potential. This kind of workout is famed for keeping your body burning fat even after you have finished.

TRX Suspension Training - originating from the Navy SEALS, TRX suspension training utilizes body-weight and gravity to tone, develop strength, and improve flexibility and core strength.  

Boot-camp - A classic circuit style work-out. Receive a tremendous full body workout that focuses on building fitness, toned muscle and fat burning. The changing workout stations keep it fun and interesting! These sessions are designed to allow YOU to control the intensity, allowing anyone from beginners or experienced gym goers to benefit. (A women's only option also runs on Sunday morning).

Dynamic yoga - This is yoga with a difference. A unique blend of traditional yoga with Pilates, core work and some gym props. Up-tempo and fun, dynamic yoga will give you a genuine workout. Promoting long, lean muscle development, flexibility and body-realignment. All women and men would benefit! Private tuition and group sessions available.

Boxing Fitness – Our much-loved group boxing sessions are a staple at the gym. Popular with both women and men, from all fitness levels. Our instructors have genuine martial art knowledge and experience. Expect a high-energy and dynamic class that will leave you feeling satisfied with your efforts!

Please disclose of any health or injury concerns you may have before commencing group personal training, so that we may make any necessary adjustments for your safety and comfort. 


Massage Treatment – Relaxation massage treatment with aromatherapy & sports injury and recovery massage with magnesium

$80 1hr      $45 30min       $100 1hr20min Full body    $120 2hr yoga/stretching + full body massage

Ear candling - $30 30min        Cupping therapy- $30 25min     Reflexology - $50 40min

Are you in pain? Deep tissue therapeutic massage may help!

Useful for: 

-Chronic pain 

-Athletic performance



Improve your workout and get the results you want. You don't have to destroy your body to have the body you want.

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Some of the key services available at Top Fitness Gym include:

  • Gym access
  • Group fitness classes
  • Personal training
  • Nutrition advising
  • Sports massage
  • Yoga 
  • Aromatherapy
  • Food and supplements
  • Professional coaching
Gym training by fitness experts

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